Our Philosophy

SEC believes that children are strong, capable and competent. The program, environments and expectations of children reflect these views and are embedded throughout the curriculum, daily routines and flexibility in daily schedules. Children are provided with choices within the curriculum, the environment, and are encouraged to exercise autonomy and decision making throughout. Children are presented with real and appropriate challenging opportunities both indoor and outdoor program. We value children as active members of the classroom and are encouraged to contribute in meaningful ways.

Through play, children will explore, experience, inquire and problem-solve. SEC follows an emergent philosophy which means it is a child-centred, child-directed, developmentally appropriate program where activities are based on the interests and passions of the children and is supported by knowledgeable educators. We believe that this can only occur in a safe, stimulating, respectful, bias free, inclusive and loving environment. The environments are designed with thoughtful provocations and invitations for learning by educators that assist, support and are co-learners with children.

Families are invited to share their perspectives and participate in meaningful ways, to foster engagement and ongoing communication. We recognize that families are their child’s first teachers and are an important contributor in a child’s life.  Information is shared both formally and informally through dialogue, documentations, observations, newsletters, parent meetings etc. to allow for a consistent to support to children among families and educators.

About Us

SEC has been delivering Licensed Before and After School Services for children between the ages of 4 to 12 years since 1995. Today we provide services in Thornhill, Newmarket and Vaughan to approximately 200 children. and operate from 7 am until the beginning of school until 6 pm from Monday to Friday, September to June.  Some programs also offer programming on P.D. days and school holidays.

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SEC EDI Statement

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